With our expert employees, we stand to gain everything!

AcadeStudio’s Expert Employees

As a company with quite a few services to provide to the world, we know that we will, sometimes, be vulnerable to losses. Unless, of course, we make wise decisions to avoid that at any cost, we’ll remain that way. AcadeStudio, being an extension of Acadecraft which is itself a long-time producer and distributor of many services such as Content Development, E Learning and Copyediting, borrows its wisdom of operation and business conductions from its parent companies and hires impeccable Expert Employees who have years of experience in the field and simply cannot make a mistake when it comes to working on client’s projects.

Being a provider of services such as Content Interpretation, Language Translation and Localization, it is imperative to us that we hire the absolute best workers and experts. These experts become the light bearers of our services, and take the wheel forth through their gleaming insight and excellent put out.

Here are the job titles which are hired for these jobs and make the world of AcadeStudio function!


Voice Over Artists

AcadeStudio’s Voice Over Artists are one of most powerful assets. These Voice Over Artists are responsible for the propulsion and distribution of services such as Voice Over Provision as well as Audio Dubbing. Our Voice Over Artists are extremely talented individuals who work hard to create and provide voice over services to our clients.

  • Pleasant voices, robust diction and fascinating microphone skills
  • Years of training
  • Well-qualified as well as equipped with field certifications
  • Left clients feeling satisfied in every case
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Content Localizers

We have content localizers who are proficient at work with 20+ languages. Although they localize many sort of content such as corporate websites, academic papers and the like, their real edge lies in their impeccable knowledge of the seemingly multitude of states and how their cultural lives work. This is what we value in them; their incredible knowledge of the world.

  • A lot of polyglots, linguists and language professionals
  • Well-qualified and equipped with higher academic degrees
  • Formally trained for many years
  • Field experience ranges from 5-10 years
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Language Translators

AcadeStudio’s translators are fascinating beings. We hired them after seeing their ceaseless curiosities as well as their determination towards the knowledge of linguistics as well as language itself. Being polyglots by nature, they continue to surprise us and work to provide impeccable services to language translators.

  • Impeccable at what they do
  • Able to work on as many languages
  • Trained by highly experienced professionals
  • On-the-field experience up to 10 years
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Content Transcriptors

Language is a double edged sword, and in instances of negotiations and important decision making, you always need professional transcriptors to help you out to sort out details as well as document each and every point made during the negotiation, meeting or interview. Transcriptors also help you store all the important data as well.

  • Impeccable English language skills
  • Agile in working as stenographers
  • Unshakeable attention to the flow of conversation
  • Many years of training before becoming translators
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Content Interpreters

To interpret content is to understand the details or a complicated system of information from another angle. When it comes to interpretation, you can interpret content from many different perspectives, as the facets are almost endless, and our Content Interpreters help you understand and see things through them.

  • Well versed in thinking and language usage
  • Able to understand things from multiple angles
  • Astounding language & communication skills
  • Years of training in the art of interpreting content
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Subtitle Writers

As we provide Subtitling & Captioning services, we look for individuals who have impeccable knowledge of cinema, language as well as the cultural nature of many places. These individuals serve as our Subtitle and Caption writers. Their efforts work in the direction of creating and providing unshakeable and perfectly timed subtitles to our clients.

  • Generally a job handled by content writers or freelancers
  • Knowledgeable in culture, movies and art
  • Field professionals in writing or language
  • Years of formal training
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