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Bringing the ultimate solutions and services to mitigate all your needs and being lenient to your pockets as well, AcadeStudio derives new ways to provide to you all the services which smoothes downs the functioning of enterprise.

We have many cards up our sleeves, such as Voice Over Services, Dubbing Services, Content Interpretation Services, Language Translation Services & Content Localization Services. We make sure that we have many great things to offer to our potential customers and clients in the industry of Media, Content Creation, Academia as well as the Manufacturing Industry.

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Our Wide Range of Services

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Voice Over Services

Voice Overs are a general necessity of our time. We all know that even though all human beings are beautiful in their own way.....

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Dubbing Services

Language is an odd, little thing. We rely on language for all sorts of reasons. Through language, we express.....

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Interpretation Services

Interpretation is one of the best ways to go about understanding something. That is how poetry works, specifically.....

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Most professional communication occurs when there is a need. That need has to be fulfilled, and ......

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Localization &Translation

Localization is one of the most fundamental services a business could use. This gives tremendous power to businesses.....

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It is crazy how the whole psycho-linguistic cycle takes place in people, and how it has different rates of development.....

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The sources of our occupation

Our Target Industries


Media & Entertainment

Clientele Hub: USA, Australia, India, UAE

The biggest target for our company is the media & entertainment industry. The Media industry needs services such as Voice Over & Dubbing. AcadeStudio always serves them with propriety.


Manufacturing Industry

Clientele Hub: UAE, India, China, Japans

The Manufacturing Industry is backed by our quality services. Many manufacturing companies need our services in order to communicate their capabilities and generate large sums of profit.


The Corporate Sector

Clientele Hub: Worldwide

Many of our services go the sub-sects of this conglomerate called the Corporate Sector, such as law, information technology, bureaucracy, E-Learning, health care & big pharma, marketing and others of the sort.


Academia & Education

Clientele Hub: USA, India, Australia, France

In the world of Education, both language and its presentation, its expression through the human tongue matters a lot. Our services mitigate these processes and make professional life easier.

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What are Localization Services in Business?

In our increasingly complex world, we all communicate in different ways. We aren’t different only in our languages; we have separate cultures, dialects, regional characteristics and way of life. To communicate properly is to understand where are we coming from. Translation is only a small part of solving this problem.

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How does Language Translation work

Translation is a very important tool for communication. Through translation, parties from two different communities get a mutual point.

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Closed Captioning vs Open Captioning

Captioning is an essential tool to aid the aurally impaired, as well as the ones with understanding problems.

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What is Language Localization

Localization Services are important for proper communication between parties belonging to two or more different cultures.

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