Content Localization Services

Conducting communication by bridging cultures

Content Localization Services

Localization is one of the most fundamental services a business could use. This gives tremendous power to businesses that work and distribute their services to foreign grounds. Localizing content means to fill it with the language, cultural cues and dialects of another language, or rather, pertaining to a particular place. However, Localization Services serve another grand purpose: Of conducting successful communication between two or more culturally different parties.

AcadeStudio is one of the bigger names in providing Content Localization Services to businesses and services which are looking for a chance as well a strategy to expand their horizons and conduct business in regions unvisited before. Our Content Localization Services are made by our Language Localization Experts as well as Content Strategists who work hard at developing both new business strategies for you as well as decide to form templates for how your content will successfully be localized.

Variance in our services

Types of Content Localization Services

Localization Services come in various specifications. These services mitigate the communicative aspect of business, and bring forth clarity and connection between the parties concerned. Here are the types of Localization services which are widely prominent:


Application Localization Services

These services are used to localize the content of a software and to switch all of its general locational and cultural modes from one language into another. It includes assessing whether the software is even compatible with the localization services.


Technical Localization Services

With Technical Writing making the conveyance of technical jargon and information easier, Technical Localization services help make the text of one language accessible into many others, and hence making technical communication easier.


Medical Localization Services

Even though by definition it should enter the category of technical localization, the market for Medical Localization Services is relatively bigger than the mere market of corporate technical communication. Technical education regarding the discipline is important in this field.


Online Localization Services

Online Localization Services or simply called Website Localization includes localizing the content of business’ complete website from one language into another. The benefits of such services are that the business connects to the customers on a cultural level.


Multimedia Localization Services

Multimedia localization services work everywhere. From videos to audios, from personal texts to professional communication and from online content to research papers, all of it is a part of Multimedia Localization services.


Literary Localization Services

Literature is an important part of human communication. We get to see stories, the depth of human intellect as well as his emotional immensities. Literary Localization services render books, novels and audiobooks available for the world to enjoy.

Easing down the confusion

The Confusion between Localization Services & Translation

Translation & Localization Services are confused by thousands of people on almost a daily basis. That is because Localization Services sound like a flashy, technical, almost hyper linguistic process that only linguists can overlook to and normal people don’t even possess the intellectual faculties to grasp it. Well, that’s not true. Localization Services focus on simply the surface level elements of language. It still varies to a great extent from Translation.

Language Translation Services simple work to change one language from another. However, no work is done on changing the idiomatic nature of the original text, as in no references are interpreted, no cultural remarks explained and almost no information about the place or the culture finds any relevance or expression. Sounds really boring, doesn’t it?

Localization Services, however, are created on an entirely new, and if I may, higher level of detail. In a given text, everything but the prewritten semantic material is touched upon and manipulated until the services are shaped in such a way that the content seems almost nationally or culturally appropriate by the target audience.

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There are many reasons as to which you should try out our services. From experts working on all our services to the premium quality of our services, you will find many reasons to give AcadeStudio a try and as a consequence, fill your world with joy!

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